We need YOU! Be part of the team behind the spectacular #onThePull 2024 event

We need some experienced agricultural heads who are cool calm and collected to help us run the trackside action at the show. There are various jobs including:

  • Tractor Registration
  • Barrel Marshall (managing barrel strikes)
  • Flag Marshall (race start/stop)
  • Driver Wrangler (finding/fetching)
  • Trailer Operator (attaching/detaching/inspection)
  • Camera Crew Runner (assisting camera crew e.g. holding an umbrella)

There will be a safety and operations briefing given few weeks before plus an on-site briefing. Pay will be based on the role you’re given and how demanding it is across the Friday and/or Saturday. If you’re interested please fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Tractor registrations open from 2pm-8pm Friday 5th July with the main competitive track event on Saturday 6th July (our crew need to be on site for 7am).

Opportunities are also available for those who are local enough to assist with site build & break in the weeks before and after the event

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Did you help before?
Available days?
Please include how you’ve handled yourself safely around machinery before and if you have any experience of helping the crew at other events